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Reigniting Clans with Game Update Videos

Since 2017, Eyestorm and Supercell have partnered up to keep the 10+ year legacy of Clans alive by creating bi-annually targeted launch videos geared toward communicating to players while also reigniting lapsed players to “update now” helping to keep this hit, hitting even harder.

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Updates at a Global Scale

Localized in 6 languages and 2 aspect ratios, we made sure everyone around the globe heard all about every update. To date, 1,119 game update videos and 1,112 stills (including localized files) have been produced. (August 2023)

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The Creative Process

Eyestorm developed a streamlined game asset production pipeline that provided flexibility for developers and gave the marketing team top-notch assets they needed.

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Pipeline included:
•Concepting •Scripting •Design •3D Asset Creation •3D Environments •Character Animation •3D/2D Motion Graphics •Previz •3D Comp and Rendering •Editorial •Gameplay Capture •Sound Design •Custom Composed Music •Cross Platform Optimization •Localization in 6 Languages •QC •YouTube Thumbnails •Inbox Stills


  • In December 2019, the Town Hall 13 video achieved 44 million Views and 296k+ Likes!
  • On average, game update videos receive an average of 7.8+ million views.
  • In October 2022, the video for Town Hall 15 became a #1 trending video overall on YouTube (US).
  • Overall, game update videos have generated 133 Million Views and 621 Million Likes.
    - Source: YouTube & Instagram
    Date Range: 11/05/2019 - 05/24/2023, US Only

Game Update Videos

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