Gameplay Trailer – SimCity

  • #1 Simulation Franchise
  • Over +400K Views on Youtube
  • Custom Crafted Storyline and Game Capture

When EA came to us asking for a gameplay trailer made from a game that contains no cinematics, rendered scenes, actors, or a scripted storyline… we said, “hmmm.” Then later, we said, “aha!” Soon thereafter, we were elected mayor of not one, but three whole cities!… And proceeded to demolish every one of them.

The iconic simulation franchise SimCity returns, and with it comes to the equally iconic disasters that can strike helpless cities at random moments. All and all, it was a lot of fun to let our imaginations run wild on a setting that in many ways is a blank slate, and see what grew and developed. Ironically, the same way you play Simcity ;).

To find out more about SimCity, click here.

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