Best Mobile Promotional Trailer Promax Silver Award

The Promax Game Marketing Awards announced their 2019 winners, and Eyestorm and Supercell had the honor of taking the 2020’s Silver Award for Best Promotional Trailer Mobile & Free to Play for the “Clash of Clans: Town Hall 13 Teaser Video.” To become an award-winning video game agency, it means, well, we have to win awards. But what it really means is needing to align with great clients, such as Supercell, who encourage out-of-the-box thinking and risk-taking. It means staying on top of our game creatively and strategically while providing unique creative that garners attention that stands out within the industry. 

Crafting Without Assets

A common challenge as an award-winning video game agency is to “create an advertisement without any new assets (since they’re usually in development while we produce the ads) that will generate buzz and engage with fans,” and with Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 teaser, we got a chance to tackle this marketing objective. Supercell tasked Eyestorm to come up with something that would tease their new update in a viral way and activate the community. Essentially, they wanted the fans to go full conspiracy theorist. So we did the same, crafting everything from copy, voiceover, and graphics to reflect an unsolved mystery, leaving it up to fans to sew together “what could it mean?”. We even went as far as to cast the Epic Voice Guy of Honest Trailer’s fame to give our teaser a perfect comedic polish.

Community Response

The Clash of Clans community responded by combing over every frame of the video for extra hints to the contents of the Town Hall 13 update. They even went as far as to analyze a newspaper article from a stock image that was shown for less than 10 frames to discern its hidden meaning. In the end, the original video was viewed not only on the Clash of Clans official YouTube channel but also on many of the influencer’s social channels on their breakdown videos that amplified the announcement. 

Award-Winning Results

Link to this award-winning video game trailer video below. You can also check out some other highlights of our Clash of Clans campaign under our work section.

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