The 5 Best Videos for Your Mobile Game Marketing

A long time ago in the way-way-back-in-the-day of the 2010s (weird, right?), making videos for game marketing came down to a simple 3-step formula:

  1. The CG reveal trailer
  2. The first look gameplay spot
  3. The gameplay launch video

But as gaming evolved, so did the formula. Now that social media and digital distribution are in the mix, making the best videos for mobile game marketing now comes down to who your target audience is, what platforms they play on, what distribution channels they reside on, how your game monetizes, and what kind of life-cycle your game has. 

With that in mind, here are the 5 types of mobile game trailers you need to consider to market your game.

1. High-End Branding Video

When looking to make a big brand impression, having a creative asset that leaves a lasting impact and cuts through the noise is key. Usually, these types of assets are created from live-action or CG and exist to sell the world, attitude, and value offering of your mobile game. 


2. Gameplay UA Video

The majority of players want to see what they are signing up for, and nothing communicates this better than a Gameplay UA Video. Videos like these can run the gamut when it comes to budgets, but they are for sure some of the most effective videos for grabbing hardcore users.


3. Community Engagement Video

You’ve acquired a fan base for your live service model game, excellent! Now you’ve got to talk to them, enter the community engagement video. Sometimes a little “inside baseball”, these video types are for an established fan base who will welcome in-jokes and will evangelize for cool new features. The best videos to market your game after launch.


4. The Passive Playable

Similar to the Gameplay UA, this video type is entirely gameplay but with a twist. It takes a slice of the gameplay and directly asks the viewer to interact with it. Effective on social media and interstitial ads, and often cost-effective. 


5. Engagement Conversation Starters

The goal for this video type is to activate the community, and specifically to activate them to make content of their own based on your video. Your metric with this isn’t views or likes, but how many analysis or breakdown videos are created based on it.


For more examples, check out Eyestorm’s work page to see the best videos for mobile game marketing.

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