Agency Industry Award for Best Mobile Game Ads

It is with great honor and humility that we at Eyestorm Creative announce the American Advertising Award has acknowledged us as one of the best mobile game ad agencies with an award for “Best Internet Commercial Campaign”! This outstanding mobile game ad agency award was given for Eyestorm’s work on two Clash of Clans initiatives

  1. Monthly Game Subscription Campaign.
  1. Clash of Clans Game Update Engagement Campaign.

Monthly Subscription Campaign

Our end goal was to build excitement for the new monthly Battle Pass feature that rewarded players with limited window release costumes (skins) for their “Hero” characters. To do this, Eyestorm teamed up with Supercell’s Community Manager to craft colorful storylines for each skin, enriching players’ connection to the monthly updates. These videos starred the characters and world of Clash of Clans.

Town Hall 13 Announcement Campaign

With the goal to further ignite conversations online, Eyestorm and Supercell devised a mystery-filled teaser sprinkled with clues for Clans players to discover. The teaser video for the “Town Hall thirteen update”  inspired influencers to post breakdown videos which sparked the community to begin their own investigations, share their findings, comment, and create memes. This built a fertile ground of anticipation for the release of the official Town Hall 13 video.

After completing eleven unique videos localized for worldwide distribution, the campaign generated millions of views for each video created.  This helped to spur millions of players to adopt the Battle Pass and to keep returning to the Clash of Clans YouTube page for more content. These video campaigns also generated over a million likes and over 150 million views for Clash of Clans social channels. 

The trifecta of the Clans Game Team, Supercell Marketing, and Eyestorm Creative rekindled the Clash of Clans community and skyrocketed the game’s profile to its highest in seven years. As a leading marketing company in mobile games, we were delighted to accept this year’s American Advertising Award. Thank you to everyone who was involved in creating these ongoing ads and to Supercell for their continued partnership.

Head to our case study page for more info on our work with Clash of Clans.

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