Kid’s Video Game Trailer: The Smurfs 2

Kid’s video game trailer work has been a specialty of Eyestorm’s going back to our days at the LucasFilm ranch where much time was spent focusing on how to market Star Wars to kids. Our video game launch trailer for Smurfs 2 also hit on some of the key trigger mechanisms we used back in those days. The Smurfs 2 trailer bolstered a super successful release and had Ubisoft primed to capitalize on the attention of their smurftastic achievement. Committed from start to finish to the campaign under our full-service creative umbrella, Eyestorm Productions was also called to develop and design the post-launch trailer.  This gave us the chance to extend Smurf 2: The Video Game’s time frame of marketability by going beyond the initial introduction and continuing to entice game players with a fresh take on these familiar blue friends.

Our main focus was to let kids see a more dynamic, in-depth, perspective — exploring and showcasing the powers of each playable Smurf character. Eyestorm really dug into our production chops embellishing the gameplay by using 3d and motion graphics techniques to showcase the in-game powers of each smurf. This technique personalized and branded each smurf’s unique abilities and charm, engaging our young gamers on a new level. It also simultaneously showcased how these powers solve in-game obstacles and puzzles. We highlighted specific features of the game, along with the characters and the versatility of what players can do with them, in one foul-swoop.

Eyestorm Productions showed the Smurfs in a new heroic and powerful light, while still retaining the original voice of the franchise. Our hard (and smurfy) work paid off, as our kid’s video game trailer secured a world-wide release in 11 different countries!

The Smurfs 2: The Video Game – Post Launch Trailer from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.


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