Star Wars Ep. III – Creatures

Client – Lucasfilm

Work – Complete Post-Production Creative

Challenge –

The first two Star Wars prequels have not been as well received from the fans. We need a way to excite them into going to see the third through our behind-the-scenes documentaries.

Solution –

Let’s break the mold of the standard fly-on-the wall documentary style done in the past and create docs that are designed to reinforce our movie’s 5 marketing messages, have the edits driven by the Star Wars music, and make them more exciting to watch from an execution/topic standpoint.

Results –

Placement on Star Wars DVDS
Greatly Increased StarWars.com Paid User Subscriptions
Greatly Increased Definite Interest on Moviegoers
Award “Best Overall DVD”

SEO title -Star Wars Ep. III – Creatures behind the scenes documentary

rollover – Winner: Best Overall DVD Extra

vimeo – https://vimeo.com/66125602

Star Wars Case Study – https://eyestormcreative.com/case_studies/star-wars-episode-iii-revenge-of-the-sith/

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