Beer Commercials: A Refreshing Take – BJ’s Nit Wit 2015

Beer Commercials – BJ’s Nitwit 2015 from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

BJ’s Nit Wit 2015 Puts The Beer Back Into Beer Commercials

Beer commercials come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, appealing to your sexy, vanity-driven, humorous or nostalgic senses. But when it comes to BJ’s Brewhouse exclusive beers and ales… it’s all about the beer. Every aspect from the recipe’s inspiration, to the hops source and the brewing process, is what sets BJ’s brewhouse apart. Following suit, Eyestorm Productions teamed up with Carmichael Lynch to showcase this point of pride by creating a series of content marketing driven beer videos to their newly released brews starting first with the Nit Wit seasonal Belgian-Style Witbier.

For our initial collaboration with BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, content marketing was the approach used in our BJ’s Field Day IPA documercial to lift a curtain on revealing the intimate and hand-crafted brewing process BJ’s stands behind with every beer they craft. For the BJ’s Nit Wit beer video, instead of showing the creation process this time, we narrowed in even further to the point of inspiration and formulation of an exclusive beer recipe. Using the creative wrapper of a “class-is-in-session” tutorial, each video schools the viewer in a fun, educational, web series manner on the quality they’re getting when they buy a BJ’s handcrafted brew.

To make the beer commercial fun and set the educational tone, Eyestorm called on LA’s best chalk artists to create one-of-a-kind illustrations that really give that old-school classroom feel. Using time-lapse photography and subtle motion graphics tricks, we were able to breathe life into the still drawings making them more engaging. Taking the time to harness the power of content marketing not only promotes the beer, but adds a new and refreshing take on the age old traditional beer commercials that we’ve seen time and time again.



  • Creative Producing
  • Creative Direction
  • Casting
  • Table Top Food & Beverage Cinematography


  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Sound Editing & Mixing
  • Music Licensing
  • Logo Animation
  • Finishing

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