New Changes to Gaming



There are few better barometers for gauging which direction the mainstream gaming world is headed than the Electronic Entertainment Expo; but game-changing announcements continued to be unveiled weeks after the E3 circus left town. Take a look at the changes stirring up the industry and sending post-E3 ripples across the gaming world’s waters.

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Valve Could Be Heading to Gamescom to Show Controllers

Nexon Takes Stake in Bleszinski’s Boss Key

Unveiling the Gameplay of No Man’s Sky

Gamestop Wants to Participate in Your Game’s Development



Always – #LikeAGirl

Brands have been going beyond simply marketing themselves and have been using their outreach to push social issues into the spotlight. Feminine product maker Always shines a light on the insulting sexism of the phrase “like a girl,” and why it is time for the meaning of the phrase to change.

Adidas – The Final

Using simple black and white stock photography and a 2d/3d motion graphics look, Adidas proves it doesn’t take much to rial up the emotional heartstrings of sports fans and leave a lasting brand impression.

Lexus: Amazing in Motion – Strobe

While car commercials tend to showcase sexy vehicle shots, Lexus decided to go another direction. Its latest commercial features an animated light-man who travels across a city to reach its long-sought after creator — the Lexus. The commercial is visual, creative, and definitely one of a kind.


The Mashies Are Coming

To celebrate excellence in the field of digital marketing, forerunner in the digital reporting space Mashable comes back for a new round of the “Mashies” contest. Check out the qualifications to see if your digital campaign fits the bill for this competition.

Oculus Announces Virtual Reality Conference

Oculus VR today announced on its blog that it is planning to host Oculus Connect from September 19 to 20 at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood. The company is looking to invite “engineers, designers, and creatives from around the world to share and collaborate in the interest of creating the best virtual reality experiences possible.”

Influencing the YouTube Influencers

There are more than a few ways for brands to strategically mobilize Youtube influencers. Check out this useful infographic that shows who the top YouTube personalities are, their number of followers and the brands with whom they align.


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Dobrý den! Eyestorm has been surging forward on our original content creation initiatives. We’ve been out in the Czech Republic meeting with Prague production companies and the Czech Film Commission to take steps toward collaborating on an international co-production project. While there, Creative Director Michael Klima met with a friend and colleague from his old Lucasfilm days, Producer Rick McCallum, among other leaders in the Czech film production scene to discuss Eyestorm’s upcoming slate. Stay tuned for details.

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