Ice Bucket Lessons


For over a month, the most talked blogged, tweeted, and liked content in the cultural sphere has been the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This landmark in audience engagement enticed never before seen masses and at lightning speed. Everyone from celebrities, athletes, and politicians to students, short order cooks, and teachers have doused themselves in freezing water then uploaded the evidence to YouTube. Using a simple premise and a basic ask, ALS created an inescapable viral phenomenon and showcased a fantastic case study in viral marketing and audience engagement. The question now becomes, “What can we, Marketers, learn from it?” Gathered from across the internet, here are some other expert analyses of this community event, and just for fun, a supercut of celebrity ice bucket videos.

What the Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About Engagement


Social Activism Becomes a Thing for Brands Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge


The Importance of the Ice Bucket Challenge


50 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges


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Madden NFL 15 – Madden Season

Celebrity endorsement in video game trailers is no new thing. What is new is the insane no holds barred comedy music video approach brought by Kevin Hart and David Franco. Not only does it perfectly describe the sort of rivalry that can build between competitive players, it’s also laugh-out-loud funny.


IKEA – Experience the BookBook

When Ikea decided to unveil its new catalog, they chose to do it in the style of another company that enjoys minimalist design: Apple. Aping the now-classic commercial style of the high-tech giant, Ikea reveals its low-tech option to browse their catalog.


Apple-Designed by Apple

Speaking of Apple commercials, this short motion graphics piece describing the Apple design philosophy perfectly encapsulates the secret to Apple’s success: simple, well executed, extremely effective, and expertly designed.


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Twitter’s New Buy Button Is Key to Its Mobile Commerce Future

Twitter unveils a social shopping button today that lets marketers drive conversions straight from tweets, after months of speculation that such a feature was in the works. The new offering appears in Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps and represents the company’s latest bid to reel in mobile spend from direct response-heavy advertisers.


5 Tweaks to Your Website That Could Increase Sales 300%

There are five common areas that most company websites can improve upon and expect to see an immediate boost in revenue. Taken together, they have the potential to increase your revenue by 300% or more (depending, of course, on your industry, location and a variety of other factors).


Marketers Need Tools To Be Personal

Trends change within marketing all the time, and one that’s currently hot right now is personalization, as a lot of marketers are using data to create a viewpoint to which customers can relate. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone’s on board just yet.



BJ’s Field Day IPA Video Link

BJ’s Field Day IPA :30 Link

Good beer is like good bread or good veggies, the fresher the better! And it doesn’t get any fresher than BJ’s Field Day IPA. The restaurant chain and craft brewer came to us to document the creation process of their special seasonal fresh-hop brew from the field to table. We rolled camera at 5:30am at Crosby Hops Farm hops field in Oregon, knowing full well that if those hops didn’t get to the BJ’s Brewery in Reno in under 24hrs, those flavorful hops would spoil. It was a mad dash to the finish line, but after it was over we got to taste something a beer lover can only have for a limited time once a year. They started tapping September 9th, so get to your local BJ’s before they run dry, and check out our live-action video to find out why!

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