Teaser Trailer Standout – The Force Unleashed

“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” – Teaser Trailer from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.<


At the time we began creating The Force Unleashed teaser trailer, the video game market was totally flooded with Star Wars licensed games. However, this ground breaking next-gen game went beyond anything ever before seen and we knew it would excite even the most savvy gamer. We needed a powerful message that cut through the noise. Of course, Gamers were loyal to the brand, but they just didn’t have quite the same enthusiasm for blasters and starships that they once did. How would we make The Force Unleashed stand out from the Star Wars game herd? As it turns out, the answer was right in the title.

Our strategy became clear when Eyestorm got ahold of an early build of the game. It fully re-invents the capability of the Force to legendary heights exhibiting the “Amazing Force Powers like you’ve never seen before”. Every image in our campaign had to communicate this message. The Force Unleashed integrated ground-breaking technologies and major tech advancements that would bring our gamers to their knees. So, our reveal of the main character, Starkiller (Darth Vader’s apprentice) and these epic force powers had to be eye catching, unforgettable, and larger than life (… kind of like a Star Destroyer). From that idea, the Eyestorm creative team’s concept was inspired. Starkiller would do the impossible — actually take down a Star Destroyer! Talk about unforgettable!

To custom create this larger-than-life CG opening, Eyestorm teamed up with the in-house crew from Lucasarts and brought those (now well known) 30 seconds to vivid life. We refined our unique creative strategy and reinforced it with iconic Star Wars imagery. The developer loved the scene so much, it became an official part of the game. The reaction from the gaming world achieved landmark results. The teaser trailer became the fastest selling Star Wars game in history, netting over 10 million views on Gametrailers earning their Diamond Award. It also took home multiple “Best of E3” awards, and won a Golden Trailer for best video game trailer.

We are honored to say that The Forced Unleashed teaser trailer more than stood out… it conquered!

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