Live Action Video Game Ad – ROCKSMITH

Rocksmith -> TV Spot ;30 from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

Live Action Video Game Ad for a real live action game

The power of live-action really hits home in Eyestorm’s new live-action video game ad for Ubisoft’s Rocksmith. What does “live-action” mean? It means real people, real reactions, real… guitars??? Just when you felt like a certified, international rock star in your own living room, Rocksmith takes you to the next level with real-deal, authentic guitar interaction. Rocksmith is Ubisoft’s one-upper to Guitar Hero (and Rock Band for that matter), allowing players to plug a real guitar into their game system to play songs.

Naturally, the cross-over from pushing plastic buttons to actually strumming a real guitar might feel daunting for a non-musician. Ubisoft has your back and that’s what Eyestorm’s live-action video game ad was specifically designed to show. Rocksmith might be a game, but it’s also a virtual teacher. That’s right, the “cool factor” upgrade to a real instrument doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be Beethoven. What better way to calm your performance anxiety than by watching other avid music game fans face and conquer their pre-game jitters.

Eyestorm Productions wanted this live-action video game ad to connect with the consumer by showing reality; real people playing and reacting to the game. So, we took to the streets of Los Angeles to document peoples’ raw reactions. The authentic message of a testimonial really drives the message that everyone can play this game with an actual guitar. And not just that, the game will help players fulfill a high school dream, teach them how to play an actual guitar. Plastic peripherals have got nothing on that.

By using real people and natural live action for our live action video game ad, Eyestorm successfully informed and educated the public on Rocksmith’s next-level capabilities.  Rocksmith achieved the highest market tested tv spot and over 1 million games were sold worldwide.

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