Game Capture: The Art and Technique of Gameplay Trailers

CGI-rendered and live-action game trailers can really tug at heart-strings with their sleek visuals, but they completely miss the bullseye of a true gamer’s heart; showcasing real gameplay through Video Game Capture. It’s tempting to go the way of film trailers which are, simply put, scene montages with a soundtrack. You simply extract and piece together for an emotional narrative. In-game footage, however, is the most effective showcase of gameplay visuals and techniques for trailers, marketing, and advertising. The craft of Video Game Capture is the most dynamic of all capture methods. It means entering into the game process itself in order to shoot footage directly. It’s a challenging process that takes precision, knowledge, and expertise.

As exciting as it sounds, not just anyone can jump in and capture a game. It is impossible to appropriately capture in-game footage without specialty consoles engineered by the manufacturers. As a top-tier AAA creative agency, Eyestorm Productions has been vetted and meets all the specifications and requirements established by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. We utilize specialty gear and professional equipment like our Xbox 360, Xbox One and Playstation 4 dev kits, alongside Wii, Wii U, Ipad, Iphone, Android, PC and Steam, to go inside the game and capture the most authentic aspects of each gameplay moment.

Beyond technical skills and high-tech gear; equally as important is the creative and imaginative work that goes into filming each mini-movie or trailer. Hailing from a cinema background, our game capture specialists simultaneously assume the artistic roles of both director and cinematographer. We exercise real-world camera techniques including shot selection, a fluctuating field of view, and depth of field camera movement to achieve the most emotional and impactful shots needed to tell the story and communicate the desired message.

Video game capture is a carefully crafted specialty service that can only be properly executed when all the necessary components come together. Eyestorm embodies the entire process from pre-visualization to capture, to editing and graphic, all the way to finishing in HD. Our skill, professional equipment, and artistry produces dynamic imagery and gives a visual life to our video game trailers and ads, that is unlike any other.

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