Entertainment Marketing – Star Wars “Seduction” TV Spot

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  • •Over 50% of Media Buys During Prime Time

  • •Highest Ratings During Market Testing

    • •Launched the Largest Box Office Opening Weekend EVER!


Upon it’s release, the “Seduction” tv spot for Star Wars – Episode III became an anomaly in entertainment marketing. This 30 second industry triumph is a glimpse into the depth of the Dark Side and it’s sinister seduction of Anikin Skywalker. Eyestorm Productions creatively tells this story with the haunting narration of the dark voice. It’s message taunts our heroin and effectively draws us in, as well. Stunning and tragic visuals of combat complete this poignant depiction — the beginning of the heart-wrenching fall of a hero.

We wanted to take this very special entertainment marketing opportunity to the next level. As usual, audiences will always anticipate the thrill of famous Star Wars light-saber battles. However, Eyestorm connected each action-packed moment with a character’s own personal struggle of temptation, bringing the true Star Wars saga to life.

Results revealed success! The movie-going public was captivated by this truly “seductive” audio/visual  masterpiece. Created for General Audience, our tv spot market tested through the roof and became front runner for the 2 week period prior to the film release. ‘Seduction’ went beyond age, gender and cultural demographic; it enthralled, dominating over 50% of the media buys. With the largest box office opening EVER, Eyestorm made an undeniable statement in the entertainment marketing world — we love entertainment and we know marketing. But simply put… we are just proud “Seduction” managed to seduce it’s audience 🙂


Star Wars – Episode III “SEDUCTION” Project Feature



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Our “SEDUCTION” Trailer featured on STARWARS.com


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