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The Millennial Generation is famous for being the most media-savvy generation of all time. In many ways, this is a rising problem for marketers and advertisers. Once Millennials realize they are being marketed to (and are surprisingly good at spotting this) they have the impulse to react negatively or tune out completely. How do we overcome this new marketing challenge? The answer is Native Advertising. One part transmedia and another part content marketing, Native Advertising crafts personal experiences and clever content with a brand message tucked inside. With this proven formula, Native Advertisements have the ability to sidestep the distrust of Millennials and help increase engagement and loyalty. For a more in-depth understanding, we’ve gathered a collection of essential articles outlining interesting case studies and editorial views of Native Advertising from industry experts.

4 Native Ads the Media’s Talking About


Mic Forgoes Banners for Native Advertising


The Rise of Native Ads and the Importance of Being Human


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GE: Enhance Your Lighting

The effects of Old Spice’s ad campaign are booming, as today’s brands compete to solve the dilemma, “How do we reach Millennials?” GE answered this question with its Smart Lightbulb ad. Using clever logic, they combined nostalgia conjured by film icon, Jeff Goldblum, with the cheeky style of humor that defines today’s “Internet” generation.


New Guinness Africa: Made of Black

Aspiring to reach the emerging markets in Africa, Guinness partnered with native African artists. Together they create a visually striking advertisement; playing with the concept of color and the stout’s official nickname, “The Black Stuff.”


BBC Music: God Only Knows

To celebrate the launch of their new music service, the BBC pulled together some of the music industry’s elite. The superstars help amplify awareness for the new venture, singing the famous Beach Boys tune, “God Only Knows.” Combining major music icons with incredible production makes this an unforgettable video.


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For Brands, These Are the Do’s and Don’t’s Of Working with BuzzFeed

“‘All the eyeballs’ means that content is popular, but marketers are becoming curious. Can brand lift can be created without shamelessly plastering a logo throughout a video or awkwardly injecting product into the storyline? BuzzFeed and Purina see no need to imbed products for profit. According to Nielsen research presented during Advertising Week, viewers who saw Purina sponsored-by video, Dear Kitten, were 57% more likely to want to buy wet food for their cat compared to a control group.”


Data-Driven Content is Fueling Mobile Success

Data-driven content creation is fueling the boom of mobile-first online destinations. At the helm are sites such as BuzzFeed, Atlantic Media’s Quartz and USA Today’s For the Win. Dismissed by legacy publishers as cheap click-bait, their undeniable success may very well be in their decidedly different approach from their older colleagues.


How Marketing and PR Should Work Together to Reach Customers

In today’s frenzied electronic environment, a disconnect between science (think data) and art (think communication) can impair even the most well-intentioned marketing. Viewing these two concepts together and evaluating their intersection unlocks a treasure trove of innovative and profitable insights for the modern marketer. It’s useless to cull data and develop targeted campaigns only to force feed factual product information, promotions and sales pitches. Marketers and PR reps ultimately need to converse and connect with customers in a way that feels (yes, feels) authentic and meaningful by working together.



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