Logo Branding: THX Amazing Life

THX “This Amazing Life” from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

Logo Branding – THX’s ‘Amazing’ Visual Ad:

  • Over 3,000 Theaters Screened at theater owners discretion
  • DVD placement for INDIANA JONES: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull & AVATAR
  • Won 6 AWARDS! – 4 Create Awards and 2 Tellys

Few companies have logo branding success equal to THX. On-sight, their logo encapsulates their identity and creates trust and familiarity in the minds of their audience. Undoubtedly, they expect their ads to achieve the same result. THX came to Eyestorm with a unique request — an advertisement that wasn’t an advertisement. The THX logo branding ads that play before feature films are not compulsory for theater owners. It must be something unique, visually pleasing, and entertaining for them to consider running it before the main feature.

Eyestorm took the approach of the “magic crystal”. The audience may not know what exactly THX does, but they will know that it is something that they want. The concept to unveil the THX logo branding is dubbed, “Amazing Life”. In it, a series of music-making plant life combine their sounds together to create the iconic THX deep note, and to form together to make the logo.

With 6 weeks to produce this high end, sixty-second CGi trailer (something usually done in over 3 months), Eyestorm assembles a crack team of specialists. They drew inspiration from undersea life found in the Long Beach aquarium, to the family owned Orchid shop just down the street. The music-making organisms had to look living, and fascinating to create the sense of wonder in the audience. The overall effect, over 3,000 theaters screened THX’s “Amazing Life,” and the logo branding spot is placed on the DVD releases of Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Avatar.

Our services rendered for THX Amazing Life CGI Trailer:

  • Creative
  • CGI Concepting
  • CGI Storyboarding
  • CGI Production (Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Animation, Look Dev)
  • Post-Production Creative Services (Editing, Sound Mix, Rendering, Finishing)
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