Tech Advertising Companies – CES 2015 Takeaway

What better way to ring in the new year than with a new cell phone? TV? VR Headset? Drone? Self Driving Car? When consumers are excited, so are Tech Advertising Companies! This year, like every year, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas displayed the shining stars of new and emerging technologies. This sets the gameboard and lets marketers, retailers, and customers alike, know what to expect for the year. And what are the new products tech advertising folks have to work with this year? Innovative items like wearable technology and remote camera drones dominated most of the show floor. However, other new techs like consumer 3D printers, personal robots, and smart home networks also left the pages of sci-fi novels and set up booths with a notable presence. It’s clear that tech advertising is about to expand exponentially. Check out the links below for more insight on CES 2015’s cutting edge technology. It’s time for tech advertising to ramp up, as the ever-growing focus in smart devices expands.

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Johnnie Walker: The Next Step

It’s the New Year, and the makers of Johnnie Walker want your new journey started off right (Hint: it’s with a glass of Scotch). With motivational copy, a series of connected sets, and a catchy hashtag (#Keepwalking), the broguey whisky crafters communicate a key message to follow for the rest of the year. Keep going forward, you stalwart hero.


New Castle: Call for All Brands

For an old school English brown ale, Newcastle knows how to kick it “new school” in the ad world. This time, the British beer makers got Parks and Rec star Aubrey Plaza to ask the burning question, “Why can only the big brands spend 4 million for 30 seconds of screen time at the Super Bowl?” Calling their initiative “Band of Brands,” Newcastle wants to go in with you (whoever you are) to produce a Super Bowl commercial.


James Patterson: Self Destructing Book

Suspense/Thriller novelist James Patterson wants select readers to really feel the tension when they read his newest book. So he’s wired it with explosives and given them 24 hours to finish reading the story at a hosted event. The cost to take part is around 200k, however, the PR buzz generated by this event should more than make up for any lack of sales of an exploding book.


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How to get Super Bowl buzz for $700

Want to make a splash with a Super Bowl commercial, but don’t feel like dropping four million to get the job done? Get creative and sneaky! It’s what the brands listed in this Mashable article achieved to great success. Combining edgy creative with a limited initial release drew buzz to their online video posts, making their ads viral hits. It may not be right for every brand, but it might be right for yours.


Several Major Brands Are Investing in Vessel

The video startup founded by ex-hulu executives Jason Kilar and Richard Tom finally opened its metaphorical doors to the public. They improved the ad dollar split (70/30 in favor of content creators) and are earmarking 60% of the subscription revenue for video makers. With this ideal share, Vessel has already attracted some A-list online talent.


The 10 Things in Advertising You Need to Know Today

Advertising is a constantly evolving industry. With that in mind, here are ten interesting and potentially useful facts to bear in mind this work day. These tasty tidbits range from the percent of TV ad dollars earned this year vs. last, to Facebook’s new plan for the Super Bowl.



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