Video Production Company Meets Creative Agency

A CREATIVE VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANYAs we look back over our 10 years of creating advertisements we sometimes feel like a blossoming teenager looking at old pubescent yearbook photos. The industry as a whole is very much the same way. With ever-changing trends, technology, and new distribution channels popping up every day; it’s like advertising is hitting a new renaissance.

In the early days, Eyestorm acted very much in the traditional agency meets production company relationship; serving as a video production company for brands and agencies. As time went on, some things have stayed the same, and some have changed. At its core Eyestorm is very much a video production company, but now that’s just one service amongst the many advertising capabilities we offer.

With top-level production knowledge from USC’s Film school, hands-on experience in live-action marketing from LucasFilm, and over 10 years of client experience under Eyestorm – we’re finely tuned for video production.

Acting as both a creative advertising agency and video production company does have major benefits to consider. In the traditional advertising agency model, an ad agency will devise a campaign strategy and outsource each piece of media to different companies based on the best suitor for the various channels on which it’s being distributed. We always encourage our clients to commission us for both the strategy and execution of the campaign as we find the results are more laser focused to maintain a consistent brand message. Whether we’re working for an agency or direct-to-client, being our own video production company ensures the marketing message doesn’t get lost from the strategy phase as it moves into the production phase.

Our creative production company has a proven edge since we craft the campaign message and keep a close eye over every part during the production phase.  The idea of being a video production company incorporating this style of workflow has more recently been coined a  “creative production company.” Knowing who you’re speaking to and the in’s and out’s of the message does have an impact and steers the direction for a successful production. It influences who to cast, what they should look like, what the best frame, camera move, lighting, set design, or color scheme should be to elicit the underlying emotional message that all starts from the strategic marketing message. This concept is at the crux of our video production and the same concept applies to other platforms such as digital, social, and mobile campaigns.


About 90% of the time we are commissioned to handle both the creative strategy and execution of the campaign. We’ve handled everything from small viral internet videos done with a skeleton crew to massive commercial productions.

  • scripting
  • storyboarding
  • visual effects
  • pre-production producing
  • casting
  • directing
  • filming
  • assembling targeted production crew members
  • location scouting
  • lighting


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